Our Objectives

Based on our vision, HOJEF seeks to achieve the following objectives;

  • To be able to identify vulnerable children and young people within our designated scope.
  • To complete assessments which include: Pre-birth assessment, Child and family assessments, Risk assessments, so as to identify needs and risk factors.
  • To devise appropriate interventions to support children and families based on the outcomes of the assessments.
  • To provide services such as care packages for children with disabilities.
  • To promote education and training for vulnerable children whose parents are not able to fund their education. This is achieved through provision of school fees and sponsorship.
  • To provide information, advice and counselling to better children, young people and their families.
  • To provide services for Looked After Children (LAC).
  • To rehabilitate street children, children involved in alcohol and drugs and provide accommodation to such children.
  • To promote self-reliance among young people through implementation of income generating projects such as piggery, poultry farming, carpentry, construction and building, computer projects among others.
  • To work collaboratively with other professionals and agencies so as to ensure effective provision of integrated services.
  • To collaborate with legal agencies and courts of law to ensure effective safe guarding of children and young people.
  • To provide advice and counselling services for young people and women that are suffering domestic abuse.