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Hope of Jireh Education Fund supports  Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Despite the existence of government education programs in Uganda such as Universal Primary and Secondary Education, a number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) of school-going age in the slum areas of Kampala continue to miss out their chances of getting enrolled or even completing school due to a number of reasons some of which are financial.

With limited funds mobilized from donors, HOJEF is currently supporting only 6% of these vulnerable children. As we lookout for opportunities to take up more, we equally wish to enroll them in better quality schools plus secure places for some of them by taking them out of the squalid environments. Enrolling them into boarding schools will give them a chance to see a better environment, ensure regular attendance and drive performance. believing these will be the change agents in their communities in the near future.

Research shows that despite the provision of universal education in Uganda, 58% of the children aged between 6-18 years are out of school. Additionally, 35% of those who complete primary level education are unable to transition to secondary school education due to various reasons.

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