Construction & Carpentry

From foundations to finishing, professional carpenters contribute to a variety of jobs throughout a project and are responsible for bringing blueprints to life. They rely on specialized techniques that have evolved over hundreds of years to measure, cut, join, erect, and finish materials for jobs of all sizes.

We train the young generation and empower their life to live a life of self sustenance. We train them in different areas e.g. Brick making, construction and metal fabrication

We train young people in welding
We train young people in welding
Construction and Carpentry.

Students in HOJEF’s Welding program will learn about the procedures and equipment required to weld using Gas Metal Arc (GMAW), Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW). Students will also learn how to weld in the flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions used for plate or sheet metal, and the fixed, rolling and overhead positions used for pipe.

The pipe welding course will introduce students to the different methods of welding pipe and tube using multiple types of metal transfer. Students will learn the welding positions used, from horizontal rolling to stationary or vertical, along with how to use the correct tools and equipment for cutting  during assembly.