Children’s Education and Sponsorship program

Education is the key to self and social development. According to research, those who have access to education are highly likely to have a higher income, they tend to be healthier and they also have more life opportunities. Societies with high rates of education tend to have lower crime, better health outcomes and civic involvement.

Despite the provision of universal education in Uganda, many parents still struggle to provide fees to their children due to economic and structural disparities across the various geographical locations.

HOJEF seeks to promote the education of vulnerable children through provision of sponsorships. To achieve this, HOJEF identifies individual sponsors from various geographical locations both in Uganda and overseas.

Sponsoring Children.

The cost of sponsoring a child at secondary school is $30 per month. This is equivalent to $120 per term. There are three (3) academic terms in each academic year. Therefore, the annual cost of sponsoring a child is about $360.

By sponsoring a child, you are promoting self development, better health outcomes and social development.

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