About Hojef

The Hope of Jireh Education Fund (HOJEF) is an education and social welfare non government organization that was found in 2003 by Ruth Namukasa .

Having grown up within a poor family, Ruth’s social welfare and education were facilitated or funded by people of a compassionate spirit who generously fundraised money to ensure that her welfare and education needs were met.

Research evidence shows that there is a high probability or likelihood that poor children will suffer from child labour, early marriages, malnutrition, physical violence, poor health. It has been evidenced that governments alone are not able to address the multifaced problems encountered by poor children and families. Hence, there is need for charitable organizations to step up to promote the safety, wellbeing and welfare of vulnerable children, young people, women and disabled children.

The above research coupled with Ruth’s experiences, motivated Ruth to give back to the community by initiating (HOJEF), so as to promote the safety, wellbeing, education and health of children and young people in Uganda.

Although Ruth is currently practicing as a social worker in England, she continues to sponsor HOJEF and to provide advice, information, support and training to all social workers in HOJEF that are doing direct work with children and families, so as to improve out comes for children